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马德里竞技2019:Wnt Signaling Pathway

马德里竞技对巴伦西亚 Click on the targets in the map below to find Elabscience products related to the WNT Signaling Pathway.

Wnt Signaling Pathway Canonical pathway OFF-State ON-State Cadherin β-catenin α-catenin β-catenin β-catenin β-catenin MAP3K7 WWTR1 SNAI1 β-catenin LEF1/TCF1 Target Genes: Myc,Cyclin D1, Migration Adhesion TCF-1,PPAR-δ, MMP-7,Axin-2, CD44,etc. CREBBP Pygo BCL9 Chibby SMARCA4 CTNNBIP1 MAP3Ks RHOA ROCK2 CAMK2 MAP3KT NLK NLK RAR NFAT RAC1 PKC PKC Pathway NFAT Pathway Cain Cytoskeletal rearrangement Cell survival and Gene expression Inhibition of β-catenin Proteasomal Degradation Ca 2+ MAPKK4/7 CSNK1A1 CSNK1A1 GSK3 GSK3 TCF3 Wnt target genes PP2A Tankyrase JNK Frizzled Frizzled Frizzled MARK2 RNF43 LGR5/6 R-spondins ZNRF3 AXIN AXIN BTRC HDAC ub AMER1 APC SKP TLE RAC1 DAAM1/2 DVL1/2/3 G-Proteins PLC WNT WNT DKKs p120 WLS CER Ub-DVL CYLD Naked DVL Porc WIF WIF SFRP SFRP TAB2 TAB1 Ub