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马德里竞技对巴伦西亚 Click on the targets in the map below to find Elabscience products related to the AMPK Signaling Pathway.

AMPK Signaling Pathway Low Glucose,Heat Shock?, Hypoxia,Ischemia Adiponectin Leptin Fatty Acid Synthesis Cholesterol Synthesis Fatty Acid Uptake Lipolysis Malony-CoA Glycolysis Glu4 Biogenesis Fatty Acid Oxidation Glycogen Synthesis Gluconeogenesis Protein Synthesis AICAR Exercise Insulin Receptor Insulin Gαq Ca 2+ AMP/ATP PLCβ CAMKK SREBF1 ACACA ACACB HMGCR LPL CD36 LIPE MUC1 CPT1 MEF2 GSK3 GS AMPKα AMPKβ AMPKγ P70S6K PFKFB3 MTOR MLST8 Raptor STK11 SIRT1 TSC2 RHEB TSC1 CREB CRTC2 PPARGC1A EIF4EBP1 PI3K AKT