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HAuCl4 can gather together to form a gold particle of certain size under the effect of reductant (e.g., white phosphorus or ascorbic acid). Under the influence of electrostatic forces, it becomes a stable colloidal state, which named Colloidal gold.

GICA (Gold Immunochromatography Assay) is a novel immunolabelling technic which applies the colloidal gold as the tracer. The specific antigen/antibody was stripped fixed on the membrane, the reagent of colloidal gold (polyclonal antibody or monoclonal antibody) was absorbed on the conjugate pad. Sample will move forward by capillary action after added into the sample pad, and it will dissolve the labeling reagents of colloidal gold and then react with each other. Once the sample-colloidal gold compound moves to the antigen/antibody region, it will specifically combines with the fixed antigen/antibody and be intercepted to accumulate on the detection region, thus to produce a color reaction that can be observed by naked eyes. GICA has been developed into diagnostic strips and characterized by its convenience.

Elabscience has developed a wide selection of Rapid Test Kits based on GICA. Our GICAs kits can be used for detection of diversity targets in samples such as food, feed, milk, etc., and they are aimed at providing solutions for food safety detection.

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