Cell Proliferation and Toxicity Detection kits

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马德里竞技对巴伦西亚 www.brxfuh.com.cn Cell proliferation is an important life characteristic of organisms which is used to replenish senile or dead cells in the body. MTT Assay Kit (Cell Proliferation) has been widely used to detect cell proliferation and cytotoxicity. In recent years, the CCK-8 method has gradually replaced the traditional MTT method because of its high sensitivity and non-radioactivity in measuring the number of living cells in cell proliferation or toxicity experiments.

The cell proliferation and toxicity test kit contains MTT or CCK-8, which can be oxidized and reduced to methylene by dehydrogenase in mitochondria of living cells. The amount of methylene produced is proportional to the number of living cells. Cell activity is determined by comparing absorbance.

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Cell Proliferation and Toxicity Detection Kits

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